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Best Graphic Designing course & Training Institute in Shikohabad

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Learn Graphic Designing from the market experts.

Astha Animation is well known for the best Graphic Designing Institute in Shikohabad. It provides the best Graphic Training and assists students to archieve their desired goals their dreams jobs. It also offers sustainable graphic courses with practical classes; this helps students to gain experience and professional skills. After the completion of course and 3 months training AAI provide 100% job and placement assistance. AAI has the great range designing courses which focus on both basic as well as advanced GD training. Astha Animation is a leading best graphic training institute in shikohabad that offer 115+ hardware and advanced software. At AAI trainers have unique training method. They teaches students on both theoretical and practical bases, which transforms students into skilled professional employers.

Graphic Designing Course Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 90 - 120 Days 12 Weekends 12 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode online/offline online/offline onlines/offline
This is an approximate course fee and duration for graphic designing Please contact our team for current GD course fee and duration.

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Introduction to GD

The Advanced Certification Course in Graphic Design & Prepress is one of the finest Courses available around and deals with the utilization of graphic training in product advertisement, branding and information dissemination. Being the Best Graphic Design Training Center in Shikohabad, the Course entails all the processes that go into the making of print for commercial, editorial and educational purposes, A special module of Prepress in the end address all practical issues involved in Offset, Digital, Silkscreen, Rotogravure etc. Students of this course will also earn certification from Adobe by successfully clearing the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam.

      In the modern era the demand of graphic designer is increasing day by day. The animal growth rate of graphic designing is 3.5% and generated $ 15 billion as revenue last year. If you will enroll in our graphic designing course in shikohabad we’ll provide you your dreams career as a graphic designer.

      This professional Graphic Design course would train the student to apply the principles and elements of design in product branding and advertising. Students will have complete hands-on graphic design training on all popular applications such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC etc. used in print mediums, special classes based on Typography, Colour Sense will expand the knowledge of students towards the aesthetics.

    Graphic Design Course Modules
    MODULE 1- Commercial & Digital Illustrations
    1. Vector Illustration
    2. Vector Vs Raster
    3. Creating manual Illustrations
    4. Colour Schemes and Theories
    5. Gestalt Psychology of Design
    6. Hierarchy of importance in a Design
    7. Illustration Design
    8. Designing illustrations for Publications
    9. Working with Illustrative Infographics
    10. Creating Packaging Artworks
    11. Case Studies & Project
    Module 2- Advanced Digital Artistry, Publication Layout & PrePress
    1. Advanced Raster Imaging
    2. Creating collages with Digital and Matt Painting
    3. Advanced Image Color Correction Techniques
    4. Picture Retouching like a Pro
    5. Designing for Publication Layouts
    6. Advanced Typesetting skills
    7. PrePress- Sending Design jobs to Press
    8. Press Terms used in Offset, RotoGravures, Silk Screen to Digital Press
    9. Choosing right File Formats
    10. Process, strategy
    MODULE 3 – Design Aesthetics
    1. The window cut/ viewfinder
    2. Pencil as a measuring device
    3. Shapes and forms
    4. Practicing shapes into forms
    5. Types of shading
    6. Tones of shading
    7. Perspective – one point, two point, three point
    1. Types of design- Graphic, Packaging, Interior, Fashion, Automobile, Toy, Product, Jewellry,
    2. Principles of Design- Emphasis, Contrast, Balance, Alignment, Repetition, Flow
    1. Color theory
    2. The science of color
    3. Color Perception and Human Responses
    4. Color interaction and effects
    5. Color in design principles
    6. Use of color in Design
    7. Colors and Printing
    1. What is logo
    2. Types of logo
    3. A short history of logo design
    4. What makes a good logo
    5. The logo design process
    6. Rules to follow
    7. Logo Construction
    8. Corporate identity
    1. Technical terms of Typography
    2. Types of Fonts
    3. Font selection in Design
    4. Rules to follow in Typography
    1. Types of packaging
    2. Materials to be chosen
    3. Color, fonts and image selection
    4. Consumer Reaction with case studies
    1. Facebook Ad Design
    2. Instagram Ad Design
    3. Other Social Media Design
    1. Logos & identity design
    2. Stationery Design- Business cards, Letterheads and Envelopes
    3. Design with Type (Typography projects)
    4. Magazine cover page
    5. Matte painting & Digital painting
    6. Surreal Portrait
    7. Photo Manipulation
    8. Color Correction for Photographers
    9. Poster Design
    10. Web Template design UI & mock-ups
    11. Album Cover
    12. Designing for Notice and Announcements
    13. Designing for social media
    14. Background patterns
    15. GIF Animations and Memes
    16. Printing- Process, strategy, and costing
    17. Object Drawing ( Emoji- icons)
    18. Corporate identity design
    19. POP material
    20. Infographics
    21. Gift Certificate
    22. Brand Identity
    23. Designing Web Assets- Buttons and Banners
    24. 2-3 Point Perspective Designs
    25. Catalogues and Brochure designs
    26. Newspaper Layouts
    27. Coffee Table books design
    28. Cartoon Character
    29. Multiple styles of Packaging to Mockups
    30. Designing Advertising artworks
    31. Invoices
    32. Labels
    33. Merchandising design for events and exhibitions
    34. Outdoor media designs
    Software Covered
    1. Adobe Photoshop
    2. Adobe Illustrator
    3. Adobe InDesign
    4. Corel Draw
    5. Balsamiq and Adobe XD (Overview)
    6. Pre – Press
    1. Graphic Designer
    2. Visualizer
    3. Associate Art Director
    4. Design Project Manager
    Why Astha Animation ?

    Astha Animation courses also come with 100% placement guarantee asides providing an excellent learning environment for students due to its international standard facilities, international students, and influence and extracurricular activities and industry exposure. So those students we are looking to make their career in graphic design join best Graphic Design Institute for graphic design.