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Best Video Editing Course & Training in Shikohabad

Best Video Editing training in shikohabad 4.8 out of 5 based on 5875 ratings. 5 user reviews.
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Astha Animation is known to be the best Video Editing course & Training in Shikohabad manipulate and recongnise video shots, with astha animation firozabad it is highly considered to be one part of post production process which is done after the shots and footage have been taken to put them together in order to come up with final output. Video editing and production industry no doubt creating career oppourtunity starting career in such a highly recommended sector is not a kid's play. It requires proper planning, determination and right strategy to get all skills which will take you to the front door of industry. AAI multimedia is offering special video editing courses in Firozabad grab this oppourtunity and make a successful career. We provides our student proper facilities and equipments, the role of video editing increased over the past decades and we reflects changes that's why we firstly focus on the basic concept and then step by step try to give advance knowlegde at the time of training student get advance knowledge about video editing which assist them becoming professional video maker. Video editing course at the AAI is fully capable of provides job oriented industrial training to the students with professional environment.

Video Editing Course Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 12 Month 6 Month 3 Month
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode online/offline online/offline onlines/offline
This is an approximate course fee and duration for Video Editing Please contact our team for current VD course fee and duration.

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The segmentation of the process of production of videos and making of films is majorly known as ‘Post Production’. When there is making of programs of televisions and radios, digital art, videos, and photography, Post Production is used. It is basically the third and the final stage of production of films and videos comprising majorly video editing and composting techniques along with the sound. Post Production tasks are of utmost importance in the making of films and videos. You can apply for ‘Post Production Course at AAI’. It is a certification course and can be completed in the duration of approximately 3 to 6 months depending on the grasping power and requirements of the students.


This course focus on imparting the concepts of editing and adding specialized effects to videos using composting and video editing applications eg Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop etc. It teaches you about the performances of all the tasks of the productions. Training objectives are giving enough exposure to students during the training with the help of hands-on training.


This course is classified into two different segments-

This category is of a great importance in the entire process. It helps you give your career rewarding opportunities, and make your position strong in the competitive world. It deals with Computer Graphice like composting, motion graphics effects etc used by various film industries, advertising agencies, gaming markets etc. It deals with composting models and miniatures with videos that are observed in day-to-day life without extensive digital assistance.
Post Production-
From early times, Post Production is the most well-liked term that is being used in the filming technology. It is the soul of the creation of film as it helps in giving the final touch up to the entire process to come into life. It helps you to edit, mix and entitle a particular project with the help of video and sound footage.

On completion, you will master the skills of composting and post-production techniques. You will receive a certification of completion which will add to your credits. Students will be able to produce multiple no. of projects including Music videos, Edited ad commercials, Logo-motion, Program preludes, Video templates, Attractive captions, Virtual shoots using chroma, Rotoscopy, wire removal projects and Viral videos for social media.


Various technologies like Editing Audio Clips, various synchronization techniques related to audio and video, Digitization of videos and video footage, use of filters, how to animate and composite special effects for any audio or video etc are used. We use Windows and Apple based hardware to teach post-production.


There are hundreds of production houses in different parts of the country, which are in search of fine and skilled techniques to polish ever-growing demands of quality assurance in the audiences. You can be placed as Video Nonlinear editor, Visual Effects Supervisor, Technical Director, Compositor, Rotoscope and Ring Removal artist etc in prestigious and upcoming industries giving an edge to your career.

Module 1. Advanced Motion Graphics
  1. Understanding Graphic Design
  2. Designing Virtual Backgrounds
  3. Creating Collages and Montages
  4. Mastering Layers and Layer Masks
  5. Creating Logos & Identities
  6. Designing Graphic Assets for videos
  7. Creating Alpha for Titling Exporting Graphics to Video Applications
A. Adobe Photoshop
  1. Getting to Know the Work Area & Layer Basics
  2. Working with Selections
  3. Working with Brushes
  4. Retouching and Repairing
  5. Working with Type Typographic Design
  6. Creating and Working with Paths
  7. Working with shape & Vector Drawing Techniques
  8. Working with Layer styles
  9. Image adjustments like a pro
  10. Working with adjustment layers
  11. Masks and Channels
  12. Working with colors
  13. Creating layouts in Photoshop
  14. Exporting Images
  15. File Formats
B. Adobe After Effect
  1. Workspace and Tools
  2. Creating a Simple Animation
  3. Animating Text
  4. Working With Shape Layers
  5. Animating A Multimedia Presentation
  6. Animating Layers
  7. Working With Masks
  8. Distorting Objects With The Puppet Tools
  9. Using The Roto Brush Tool
  10. Performing Color Correction
  11. 3d Features
  12. The 3d Camera Tracker
  13. Advanced Editing Techniques
  14. Rendering And Outputting
Module 2. Non Linear Editing & Sound
  1. various file formats from DV to Mov and HD and above
  2. Storyboarding to Film Editing
  3. Capturing footages and importing in applications
  4. Media Management
  5. The Detailed study on Non Linear Editing
  6. Art and Science of Video Shots
  7. Colour correction in a video
  8. Exporting media for Films or Youtube
  9. Editing Sound
  10. Finishing and Outputting
C. Premiere Pro
  1. Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Project setup
  3. Importing Media
  4. Media Organization
  5. Video Editing
  6. Clips and Markers
  7. Transitions
  8. Advanced Editing Techniques
  9. Motion Clips
  10. Multi camera Editing
  11. Audio Editing and Mixing
  12. Sound and Video Effects
  13. Color Correction and Grading
  14. Composting Techniques
  15. Managing Projects
  1. Logos & identity design
  2. Photoshop Collage
  3. Magazine cover page
  4. Matte painting & Digital painting
  5. Surreal Portrait
  6. Summer Photo Manipulation
  7. Book Cover
  8. Colour Correction
  9. Posters
  10. Web Template design UI & mock-ups
  11. Album Cover
  12. Fun Typographic Posters
  13. Social Media Posts
  14. Broadcast BG GIF Animations and Meme
  15. Editing with Beats and Rhythm by the mood of the song.
  16. Creating a news/ documentary on a topic using random video stock footage.
  17. Creating a food recipe video by using still images, video & text.
  18. Create by applying visual effects such as stabilizing shaky footage, removing grain, and cinematic with overlays.
  19. Create a video by editing Green screen footage and adding some other background.
  20. Create a video with usage of colour grading and background to add a feel of Sci-fi, Retro, Contemporary, Horror etc.
  21. A colour correction task- Use multiple footage of variable brightness and contrast and to make them finally in-sync.
  22. A sound project by removing background noise & enhancing sound quality from a given audio file.
Why AAI?

AAI has state-of-the-art infrastructure and experienced faculty team comprising of Video editors, compositors, scriptwriters, typographers, graphic designers, VFX artist, cameramen to teach you the best. We also provide a huge gallery of raw footage for one’s portal, students can capture videos via Lacie drives and Firewire devices. Libraries are open even on weekends. Hygienic surrounding is provided. Students will gain confidence to interact with colleagues and friends.