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Best Digital Marketing Course & Training Institute in Shikohabad

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Learn Digital Marketing from industry experts

Astha Animation Shikohabad is known to be the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Shikohabad. At this point , Digital Marketing skills are the foremost sought-after skills in 2022. It's the strategy won't to connect with the audience across digital channels. The items taught within the digital marketing course are program Optimization (SEO), PPC Ads, WordPress, Social Media Advertising, and Freelancing course. The course covers all the digital marketing strategies and skills that assist you become an master within the marketing field.
  • Training classes
  • Work on live projects
  • Certifications at the top of the course
  • Qualified and smart teachers available.
  • Physical classes, with no internet problem.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Viral Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Meida Marketing
  • Google PPC Ads
  • WordPress course
  • Email Marketing
  • Bulk sms
  • Blogging
  • Affilate Marketing
  • Benefits
    Digital Marketing helps reach a bigger audience and generate more revenue, with 150,000 jobs estimated to be created by 2020.
  • SEO Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • SEO Strategist
  • SEO Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Course Fee and Duration
    Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
    Course Duration 90 - 120 Days 12 Weekends 12 Days
    Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
    Training Mode online/offline online/offline onlines/offline
    This is an approximate course fee and duration for Digital Marketing Please contact our team for current DM course fee and duration.

    Schedule does not suit you, call us now! or Want to take one-on-one training, call us now!

    Introduction to DM

    The Advanced Certification digital marketing Training in Shikohabad is a newly improved course in available in Shikohabad offered by Astha Animation. This digital marketing course is intends to train online business owners and digital marketing jobs enthusiasts on how to take advantage of the reach, the reduced cost and personalization are the advantage of the internet in the marketing business, companies, and industries as against the traditional way of marketing. The course would explore all new trends in internet marketing as it relates to digital marketing. This course is highly recommended for all online business owners and budding startups.


    This Course in digital marketing aims to train their students on how to manage a website for research, online marketing for shopping and entertainment using content, bounce rate analysis, popularity of the site, architecture and response time to improve the visibility of the website and to drive traffic and generate sales for the website /Company, as well as carry out reputation management, conversion rate optimization and web analytics.


    This Digital marketing Training Institute is divided into several sections which includes

    Module 1
    Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

    In the first module of Digital Marketing Course , we will teach you basic terms of Digital marketing, Measurement And Metrics, Search Engine Basic Guide, Paid Channels & Organic Channels.

    Module 2
    Blog setup via WordPress

    In this Module You will Learn How you can Create Your Own Website through a popular content management system called WordPress , If you are in search of populating your content by building a website, WordPress Training classes will help you achieve what you want. Sessions includes Setting up of WordPress to create pages and posts, applying themes and plugins and finally creating a website using wordpress.

    Module 3
    Search Engine Optimization

    The Search Engine Optimization would teach students how to carry out both off page and on page search engine optimization activities on a website and how to use Search engine optimization tools to gauge a website and check the results of all search engine optimization activities carried out on a website as compared to that of a competitor with a similar brand or keyword.

    Module 4
    Setting up Local Search Strategy ( Local SEO)

    In this Module You will Learn How to Rank your Local Business Website, Understand SEO and Local SEO And How to build a Strong Presence in Search, Know how to Create And Manage Google My Business and other similar local channels.

    Module 5
    Google Webmaster Tool (Search Console) & Google Analytics

    In this Module you will learn about Google Webmaster, that will help you to manage Your Website In terms Of Performance, Error Etc. Google analytics tool helps you to analyse the traffic of Your website on various parameters and also helps you to build an audience re marketing. Both of these tools are taught on live projects.

    Module 6
    Pay Per Click (PPC) – Google Ads

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Training module involves a model of internet advertising which is used to channelize the traffic to websites. Students start from the scratch and set up the account, create campaigns and ad groups, learn about writing interesting ad copies, making Keywords planning, setting up bidding, understanding and applying Display ads and youtube ads, leveraging values of expenditure by bringing low cost conversions. Understanding and applying Re-marketing and Targeting, and there is much more…Students able to grasp the concepts by learning the PPC on live projects.

    Module 7
    Social Media Optimization

    Social Media deals with creating and exchanging information with people through productive interactions. With the blending of technological and ideological foundations and the perfect mix of several applications of the internet, Social media can do wonders. A Social Media course at AAI is everything you need to learn to master the art of selling things via Social Media. Buyers take social media as the most convenient and active form of acquiring information about various products. According to recent study, In countries like India, the total amount of time spent on social media is 121 billion minutes, which marks the increase of 37% from the preceding year. Sub modules in Social Media Optimization includes detailed training on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and other popular social media.

    Module 8
    Social Media Marketing (Paid)

    In this module students are able to work on paid channels of social media like facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, Twitter advertising, Linkedin advertising and also include Native ads advertising.

    Module 9
    Content Generation & Planning

    In this module you will get to learn about how you can create search engine friendly content Planning the content in trend, Using tools for quality content, and generating more and useful content everyday.

    Module 10
    Video Marketing (YouTube Marketing)

    In this Module of video marketing training, You will learn How to Create your first YouTube channel, Growing YouTube Channel organically, Getting more subscribers & Likes, And YouTube SEO.

    Module 11
    Email Marketing

    Email marketing course module would make students learn how to Create Email Marketing Campaign, making useful lists, making interesting subject lines, writing interesting bodies of E mailers With Premium Tools.

    Module 12
    Online Reputation Management

    In this module students would learn about managing the reputation of businesses by creating a good word-of-mouth among their end users and customers, dealing with negative reviews, generating case studies of satisfied customers and customer journeys to highlight customer satisfaction.

    Module 13
    Blogging & Adsense

    In this Module students will Learn How to Earn Money As a Blogger through Google Adsense Programme right from setting up the Google Adsense, approving their website or blog setup to bringing traffic etc.

    Module 14
    Dropshipping ( Basic)

    In this module, You will learn about basic Dropshipping, How you can Start Online Dropshipping Business and Earn Money By Selling Products Online.

    Module 15
    Influencer marketing

    Learn How you can Be A Social Media Influencer and Earn Money from That. At a Basic level, influencer marketing is a kind of social media marketing which uses endorsements and product mention from influencers–persons who have a devoted social media following.

    Module 16
    Be an Amazon Seller

    In this Module, You will Learn how you Can Be Amazon Seller and List Your Products on Amazon and Start Selling your product online and Earn More Money.

    Module 17
    Earn As freelancer

    In this module students would learn how to earn money through freelancing works, we will teach you how you can take projects from USA, UK and other countries and how to deliver them as prescribed.

    1. Google Search Console tool
    2. Google Analytics Tool
    3. Google Keyword Planner
    4. Moz PA/DA, Alexa, SEM Rush, Majestic, Ranking Tools
    5. Google My Business
    6. Google Ads
    7. Linkdin Ads & Twitter Ads
    8. Auditors and Report Generation Tools
    9. Mail Chimp
    10. Many paid tools

    Astha animation is a leading name in Internet & Digital marketing Institute in Shikohabad. Astha animation has the most updated This course for a digital platform for marketing due to the presence of internet marketing trainers who work daily in different respective fields of Internet marketing for reputable companies as against resident trainers in other internet marketing institutions who are not conversant with the current trends. With over 15 years’ experience in training students and a remarkable network of industry experts and alumni, Astha animation is the place to go for this Course. Astha animation training is 100% Practical and also has an after training support for its students to constantly keep them updated with the new trends and tools in the internet & Digital marketing scene. Due to our goodwill and good reputation, Astha animation is constantly bombarded with internet marketing vacancies which enable us promised a 100% placement assistance after course completion Begin your Internet & Digital Marketing Course journey without training today.